Sock yarn products, whose popularity is increasing day by day, have an irresistible appeal, whether in the comfort you feel when you wear them or in cute designs that can be created with versatile yarn.

Great options for crocheting, knitting and even weaving, hosiery threads are a type of yarn that is made from special types of cotton and processed to make them thin and strong.


What is Sock Yarn?

Sock yarn, a type of yarn made from a blend of wool and cotton, is economical and easy to find. It is a type of yarn made from wool socks and mixes different colors and textures to create yarn that is both thick and soft.

Sock yarns are produced by sock yarn factories. It is used for knitting socks because it is flexible, durable and soft. Available in a range of weights and a variety of colors, from light to heavy.


How is Sock Yarn Production Made?

Hosiery yarn production, which expresses a certain yarn type and category, can be made from almost any fiber. Yarns with more than one type are produced according to different usage purposes. While knitted with light and small needles, butler socks yarn is produced;

  • Different fancy yarns can be designed.
  • Yarn folding is done with the latest technology machines.
  • Fixed twist and number standards are used for each stage of the bobbin on all spindles.

spinning mill; With its expert team and state-of-the-art machines, it offers all kinds of yarn twisting services and yarn types.


What are the Sock Yarn Types?

Sock yarns are made from more durable fiber blends. Sock yarn types with the highest quality elastic properties consist of silk and cotton. When silk is mixed with another type of yarn, it is used more easily.

Cotton sock yarns; Besides flexibility, it is also excellent in providing heat. At the same time, it is preferred more frequently, especially in summer, due to its ability to remove moisture.


How Are Sock Yarn Prices Determined?

When choosing sock yarn; You should choose yarn types that are durable and easy to wash. In addition, socks yarn prices; It varies depending on the type, brand and weight of the sock yarn.

The most common types of sock yarn; sports weight offers weight and extra weight. Sports weight socks yarns are 18 to 24 grams. Heavy sock yarns are around 30 to 50 grams. Extra heavy sock yarns can weigh up to 60 grams. These measurements are the weights that will be added to your feet every 100 meters.

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