BTZ Tekstil, which can produce high quality yarns and fabrics; is a modern, efficient and reliable spinning mill. Thanks to the air-jet weaving machines in the Uşak yarn factory, which exports 60% of the production, there is no room for any oil or similar faults in the fabrics.

Recyclable yarns, which help to reduce the amount of waste produced and its environmental impact, are more environmentally friendly than traditional yarn production methods, thus eliminating the need for toxic chemicals.


What is BTZ Yarn Factory?

Regenerated yarn Uşak factory, which produces various types of yarn and fabric by turning raw materials into yarn; It has machines capable of varying the speed, direction and pressure of the spindle to create different types of yarn.

The factory, which has the newest types of mills in the industrial field; In addition to regenerated rotor yarn, it also produces high quality socks yarn or knitting yarn types.


How is Regenerated Yarn Produced?

Regenerated yarn made from recycled materials, cleaned and treated to remove impurities; It is made from recycled materials. Recycle yarn or Recycling yarn types are produced in the yarn factory.

  • Like Open-end yarn or Recycle yarn made from cleaned and processed recycled materials; It provides the formation of yarns with increased strength and durability.
  • The main steps in yarn regeneration are; cleaning, parting and milling.
  • Cleaning; Removes dirt, dust and debris. Separation separates usable fibers from unusable material.
  • milling; it breaks up unwanted material into smaller pieces that can be used in new yarns.

Production can also be made using the wool side, which removes the dead hairs from the fleece and then returns the wool with new, live hairs. This method; often used by hand spinners.


What is the BTZ Textile Factory Capacity?

BTZ Tekstil regenerated yarn factory within the textile industry; It was founded in 1976 by Turhan Türkay. At the beginning of the 1990s, it started to produce wool yarn with 2 carding machines Strayhgran.

In addition, in 2011, taking into account the changing conditions; In 2011, it renewed its horizontal integration system and started to increase its experience and expertise in the textile industry as a regenerated yarn factory.

In its current capacity as BTZ Tekstil; It continues its production service in an area of ​​12.500m2 with 3 x 600 mesh yarn spinning machines, 12 pieces of carding machines, 4 pieces of draw frame and production line.

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