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When you think of yarn, you probably imagine a spinner or weaver in a quiet room carefully winding yarn into skeins. But what you may not know is that there are actually many spinning mills producing fiber in millions of locations every day.

BTZ Tekstil - Uşak yarn factory, which is one of the famous yarn factories in Turkey, provides professional service with the methods of producing such an astonishing amount of yarn.


Regenerated Yarn Factory

Spinning mills are considered the backbone of the textile industry. They produce yarn, which is a type of fiber made from spun yarn. They are used for various things such as clothes, blankets, carpets.

Uşak yarn factory BTZ Tekstil, which stepped into the weaving sector in 1976 by Turhan Türkay, improved itself in 2011 due to the horizontal integration system and today, besides 3 600 mesh yarn spinning machines; It has taken its place in the sector as a regenerated yarn factory with 12 cards and 4 draw frames.


Regenerated Yarn Production

Thread; It is made from materials such as cotton, wool and silk. Thread; Before being sold to consumers, it is usually sorted into different colors and types. Thread; Continuous yarn or fabric is produced by pulling through a series of machines that twist, turn and pull the fibers.

The yarns, which are brought to the desired dimensions by applying the drawing process, are brought back to the sector with Regenerated rotor yarn. Regenerated yarn yarn factory serving with different yarn types in Uşak factory; It produces cotton and wool according to its raw materials, fancy/crepe or folded according to their structure, and sewing thread or knitting thread according to their usage areas.


Uşak Regenerated Yarn Types

You can obtain various yarn types from the Uşak yarn factory by combining various fibers and fibers to create certain masses, twisting or plying.

Types of yarn produced by the factory;

  • Regenerated yarn: It is the form of textile and apparel residues collected and turned into yarn again.
  • Open-end yarn: These are short cotton fibers that are created without the need for long fibers such as combed yarn or carded/rink yarn without spinning.
  • Knitting yarn: It is produced from natural fibers. It is produced from the larva of the silkworm and is the most luxurious type of yarn after cashmere.
  • Sock yarn: It is the yarn used for knitting socks. There is more than one type. It is produced by knitting with light and small needles.
  • Recycled yarn: It is produced from cotton and polyester waste. It does not cause any defect in the quality of the clothes.
  • Recycling yarn or Recycle yarn: It is a type of yarn produced from pet bottle and packaging waste using chemical methods.
    spinning mill; While producing yarn with a fiber type made from twisted yarn, it does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.


Regenerated Yarn Prices and Order

The yarn factory, which is the backbone of the textile industry, BTZ Tekstil is one of the leading factories in Turkey in the production of regenerated yarn. You can use different methods to order the yarn options suitable for your needs from the company.

You can call the phone number 0276 502 10 44 or send a fax to 0276 502 15 90 if you want. If you wish, you have the opportunity to contact us via e-mail from the link info@btztekstil.com.

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